Vettel: "I'm not going to announce my retirement"

12-07-2020 08:02 | Updated: 12-07-2020 11:52
Vettel: I'm not going to announce my retirement

Now that the door is closed for Sebastian Vettel at Red Bull Racing and he will soon have an interview at Sky Sports F1, many people thought he would announce his retirement. According to the four-time world champion himself, that's just not true at all.

On Saturday morning Martin Brundle announced that he will have an interview with Sebastian Vettel at Sky Sports F1 on Thursday - an interview requested by the driver himself. Rumour quickly spread that the German would announce his retirement during the interview.

It just seems that that assumption was made too quickly. "That rumor is not true", Vettel tells ABMS. "Actually, an interview with Sky was planned in Austria. All we had to do was postpone her Hungary in favour of ORF. That's what the interview with Brundle was about and nothing else. It's all a bit of an exaggeration."

Just television interviews

According to the four-time world champion, applying for a television interview is not a special thing at the moment. "There are no print media journalists in the paddock right now. So we're just doing interviews on television."

Despite the fact that Vettel does not give up hope, his options with the teams are getting smaller and smaller. More and more teams are contracting their drivers for 2021 and a seat with a top team seems to be impossible. Still, team boss Franz Tost won't be surprised if he finds a place somewhere. "I would wait and see how the season goes. If a world champion is for grabs, a top team really can't get past him."

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