Verstappen: "We had problems with the wet track at the end."

11-07-2020 16:08
by Adam Newton
Verstappen: We had problems with the wet track at the end.

Max Verstappen will be satisfied after qualifying for the Steiermark Grand Prix in P2. At the Red Bull Ring the Dutchman had to acknowledge his superior in Lewis Hamilton, but a second place offers good prospects for the race. After qualifying, the driver of Red Bull Racing spoke about how it went for him.

"Overall it was a good qualifying session, but in Q3 it was suddenly raining a lot more and it looked like we had a bit more problems at the end of the session with the very wet conditions. It was a lot more aquaplaning and you just couldn't get on the throttle in some corners, it certainly wasn't easy", Verstappen said.

Faster than last week

"I tried to drive as much as possible in the tracks of the car in front of me, to have a little less water for me, but I am very happy with P2. It's just very difficult on the track". In the last fast lap of the Dutchman Sebastian Vettel was in the way, making the difference with Hamilton bigger than expected.

"I could have improved myself, but I don't think it would have been enough to beat Hamilton. Fortunately, the speed was generally good. However, there was extremely little visibility. Even if a car drives in front of you for six seconds, it still bothers you. I expect we'll be faster on a dry track. I think the car is generally an improvement from last week, so I'm really looking forward to it", Verstappen concludes.

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