FIA warns Ferrari after Monaco trip Leclerc

10-07-2020 21:45 | Updated: 10-07-2020 21:50
FIA warns Ferrari after Monaco trip Leclerc

Charles Leclerc caused a fuss this week by flying back to Monaco and not abiding by the corona rules. The FIA has therefore sent a warning to Ferrari.

With two Grands Prix at the same location, it seems a given that the members of the teams and the drivers remain in the area. This was only not the case for Charles Leclerc, who decided to fly back to Monaco to visit his friends and family. In addition, the Monegask went outside his 'bubble'.

The FIA has therefore sent a letter to the team of Ferrari, to follow the Code of Conduct regarding the corona measures, reports. The same letter was sent to the team last week, after Sebastian Vettel was talking without a mask with Christian Horner and Helmut Marko. In addition, the letter states that further violations can ensure that the stewards will discuss a possible penalty.

No warning for Bottas

Leclerc was just not the only driver who decided to fly to Monaco. Valtteri Bottas had also boarded the plane. The driver of Mercedes however didn't get a reprimand from the governing body. According to the FIA, Bottas had only been in contact with his girlfriend and his trainer - two people sitting in his bubble.

Also Andreas Seidl, the team boss of McLaren, stressed that it is important for everyone in Formula 1 to follow the rules. "I think it's simply important to make sure that even after this first race, which really worked out very well in terms of the measures that are in place, that we don't get complacent or feel too safe".

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