Alonso's not worried about his age. ''I'm still faster''

10-07-2020 08:50
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Alonso's not worried about his age. ''I'm still faster''

In 2021 Fernando Alonso will return to his old love Renault. The two-time world champion has made trips in various motorsport classes, but is now completely fresh to start again.

The stopwatch counts

In an interview with, among others, Alonso immediately counters his biggest disadvantage: his age. The Spaniard is 39 as the F1 season in 2021 and will turn 40 during the season itself. However, according to the Spaniard, his age says nothing about the quality he still has.

''There has never been a world champion crowned on the basis of birth dates or passports. It's the stopwatch that counts, and when it comes to pure speed, I hope I'm still faster than those young guys. In 2020 I drove a three-week race in Dakar. These drivers have only had one race left," says the Spaniard.

A year of waiting

Physically, Alonso sees no problem at all. ''Last year I worked intensively and was behind the wheel every week. I feel that I am ready for it and have been working on my training since February. I'm extremely motivated and stronger than ever,'' says Alonso, who is mainly aiming for 2022, when new rules come into force.

''When I left Formula 1 in 2018 I wanted to see how the sport would develop. 2021 should be a nice preparation for me for the new regulations in 2022. In 2021 Mercedes will most probably win again, but hopefully the playing field of 2022 will be more level and the driver will be central again'', concludes Alonso.

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