Hamilton about future Vettel: "Would be a shame"

09-07-2020 18:47
by GPblog.com
Hamilton about future Vettel: Would be a shame

Lewis Hamilton hopes that Sebastian Vettel does not leave Formula 1 yet. The British want to have as many top drivers as possible in the royal class, so the return of Fernando Alonso can count on his approval.

Vettel does not yet have a place for next year in Formula 1 and the German also saw Renault's seat pass him by on Wednesday. The Brit would be sorry if Vettel does not return in the sport next year.

"Whether Vettel has a spot or not next year, Formula 1 will continue. Although I would regret it if he isn't there anymore. I think that his time has not yet come because he still has much to offer to Formula 1."

The Brit likes to see a lot of big names in the Formula 1 field and that includes Vettel: "It's important that there are top drivers in our sport, that's why world champions should stay as long as possible", said Hamilton to Speedweek.

Return Alonso

Fernando Alonso will return next year in the pinnacle of motorsport at Renault. According to Hamilton his experience can make a big difference for the French team "Experience is very valuable and that can help a team move forward. That will be a bonus for Renault".

Alonso is 39 as soon as he returns to the sport. Hamilton sees an advantage in this; "I won't be the oldest after Kimi (Raikkonen), but I'll be third in line", jokes a relaxed Hamilton, only to add a more serious note.

"I have no idea what it's like to still ride a Grand Prix in my forties but I remember Schumacher coming back at that age, who was physically in perfect condition. Fernando can do that too I think", said the British driver about his former teammate at McLaren.

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