Priestley: "I know nobody could say that on TV"

08-07-2020 11:37
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Priestley: I know nobody could say that on TV

After the winter tests in Barcelona, many people could already see that Ferrari did not have the speed of the Red Bull or the Mercedes. But nobody expected that Ferrari would be in so much trouble, as could be seen in Austria. Since then, many theories have appeared, about what could be the reason that Ferrari is suddenly so slow. However, F1 Analyst Marc Priestley seems to know for sure.

"Since the investigation into the legality of their engine was started, they have been slow. If anyone would ask if cheating is the reason for the poor performance of all cars with a Ferrari engine, I would say yes wholeheartedly," says Priestley on youtube.

Ferrari falls through the basket

"They lost seven tenths on their car last year on a circuit that is only about 60 seconds long! That's crazy! The new rules say that the new engine has to work in a "legal" way. Which means, and I know for sure, Ferrari's engine wasn't legal last year. I know no one can say this on TV, but I'm gonna say it here on youtube."

"I'm not here to hurt Ferrari, I'd love it if they could fight in front again. But at the moment they really can't, because they had to make their engine legal first".

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