"The sooner he leaves, the better for everyone"

07-07-2020 11:38 | Updated: 07-07-2020 11:58
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The sooner he leaves, the better for everyone

Sebastian Vettel experienced a weekend in Austria to forget. The German disappointingly finished eleventh in qualifying and in the race things didn't go much better. While teammate Charles Leclerc put down an impressive second place. For former driver and teammate of Vettel, Mark Webber, a lot has become clear about the future of Vettel last weekend.

"Sebastian is dressed in red, he drives a red car, but he's just there for himself. In some scenarios you wish it was over now, because that's what it looks like." With the knowledge that you leave after this season, the fun will be over by now, says Webber to Motorsport-Total.com.

Despite Vettel's negative reputation in recent years at Ferrari, Webber was still surprised when he heard that Vettel had to say goodbye after this season: "I think that most of us were surprised, Sebastian probably most of all," says Webber. "The way he was told on the phone and the fact that no effort was made to make him stay... It is clear that the relationship was not healthy and they thought that it was best not to continue it".

So does it look that Vettel will disappear from F1 after this season? According to Webber, there is still hope: "I think it is not over yet. He still has a chance to do something in '22. Who knows, maybe Red Bull in '21?"

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