Schumacher hits out to Vettel: ''He should apologize''

07-07-2020 10:51 | Updated: 07-07-2020 19:52
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Schumacher hits out to Vettel: ''He should apologize''

Sebastian Vettel spun during the Austrian Grand Prix and in spite of nine drop-outs only finished tenth. After the race that ended with a second place for his teammate, Vettel blamed the Ferrari car.

After the Grand Prix of Austria Vettel was hard on his team. It was a mistake, but according to Vettel he could have spun even more often. In his opinion the car was the problem and he had no control over the back of his car. Ralf Schumacher doesn't understand any of these statements.

Error by Vettel

''If my teammate had come in second and I had come in tenth, I should have said 'sorry, I ruined it'. Let's focus on next week, because I'll come back stronger'. Sebastian will have to apologize to the team, because this is really not how it should be," said Ralf Schumacher in his column for German Sky.

Vettel is still looking for a seat for 2021 and that plays a role according to Ralf. ''He needs an environment in which he feels comfortable, as was the case with Red Bull Racing. They were always 100% behind him. However, in the combination with Ferrari he never qualifies for a seat on a top team'', concludes the German.

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