Dutch Grand Prix may be rescheduled: "Immediately after Spa"

05-07-2020 08:08
by GPblog.com
Dutch Grand Prix may be rescheduled: Immediately after Spa

The Grand Prix of the Netherlands in May, it was as fixed as a house a year ago. Because of the outbreak of COVID-19 all that has gone wrong and how the calendar looks like next year is still to be seen. Possibly the race will be postponed again.

At least that's what sports journalist Jaap de Groot says in Het Parool. He says he has strong indications that the Formula 1 organisation wants to move the Grand Prix from the Netherlands to September, immediately after the Belgian Grand Prix.

FOM's long-term goal (2030) is to become completely CO2 neutral. One of the most important ways to achieve this is to cluster Grands Prix in the same region, so that the teams need to move less. According to De Groot, F1 would like to continue now and therefore organize the Dutch GP as in 2021 or 2022 in September.

The organization of Grand Prix of the Netherlands, on the other hand, doesn't want to wait for this at all. Besides the fact that the fans now have to wait even longer, they run the risk that the GP's of Belgium and the Netherlands will snatch spectators away from each other if the events are organised so soon after each other. On the other hand, De Groot does think that the circuit can satisfy the environmentalists with this.

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