Horner: "Once we've mastered those last turns, we can challenge them"

04-07-2020 12:30 | Updated: 04-07-2020 12:48
by GPblog.com
Horner: Once we've mastered those last turns, we can challenge them

Practice is over, which means the teams are getting ready for the first qualifying session of the season. Mercedes seems to be the fastest on the Red Bull Ring, but Christian Horner hopes that his Red Bull Racing can challenge the Black Arrows this afternoon.

Horner seems pleased

“ It was better. We made progress with the car overnight. It's more representative of where we are. Mercedes are strong, but there are corners that we need to focus on. I think that there is a possibility that we can get challenge them [Mercedes]”, Christian Horner says after the free practice quoted by Junaid on Twitter.

“We are progressing with the car and once we can tidy up turn seven and the last two corners, we could be able to challenge them”, Horner continues. Red Bull currently seems to be the second car after the German team.

Albon has to go the extra mile

Horner tells us that Alexander Albon can keep up with Max Verstappen in the fast corners. The Anglo-Thai mainly loses time in the slow corners, so he still has to work on that, which means he has some work to do.

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