Hamilton: "We'll take today's result with a grain of salt"

03-07-2020 18:17 | Updated: 03-07-2020 19:05
by GPblog.com
Hamilton: We'll take today's result with a grain of salt

Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes started the weekend in Austria where they stayed during the test in Barcelona in February: at the top of the timesheet. In this respect, the team seems to be facing another very successful year, but Hamilton doesn't want to draw too many conclusions yet.

"It's great to be back. It's been a long time coming", says the world champion after the free practice sessions on Friday afternoon. "The new car obviously feels different than the 2018 car we got to test at Silverstone a few weeks ago, but I think we have also been able to continue to improve the car compared to last year, so that's a big positive."

Hamilton was shadowed during free practice by teammate Valtteri Bottas, which should be a reassuring thought. Especially in the second free practice Red Bull Racing and Ferrari with their fastest times did not come close to the pair. Hamilton, however, is cautious and does not want to take this result too seriously.

"The track was a little bit greasy and while the grip will pick up, it feels like the track only improved a very small amount. It was looking good out there today, but you can never take too much from practice. You never know what power and fuel other teams are running. So we will take today's result with a pinch of salt, try and improve the car tonight and come back for the fight tomorrow."

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