Top teams want clarity from Ferrari and FIA: "Still many questions"

03-07-2020 14:28 | Updated: 03-07-2020 15:14
by Matt Gretton
Top teams want clarity from Ferrari and FIA: Still many questions

At the end of testing, it was announced that Ferrari and the FIA concluded an agreement around the 2019 engine after it has been examined in detail by the FIA. Many details were not given, raising many questions about what had been found. The discussion seemed to be over, but Christian Horner now indicates that that discussion is not finished yet.

“It does sit uncomfortably that there is an agreement that has been entered into about the legality and conformity of a car,” Horner tells “That immediately draws you to think: What is in that agreement? What does it comprise of? Because obviously in our mind, it carries either legal or illegal." The team boss of Red Bull Racing has clearly not yet resigned himself to the decision.

Mercedes also joins Red Bull

“The questions have been raised with the FIA. The FIA said that they’d be happy to disclose that document but, of course, they need a clearance from the other signatories." Also, Toto Wolff, team boss of Mercedes, is still working on the engine of Ferrari. In Australia, they still said they don't care about it, but they will come back to that now.

“We didn’t back off. We decided in Melbourne that for the start of the season, this additional controversy plus Corona starting to get really bad in Italy, it was not the opportune moment," Wolff said. "I would very much agree with what Christian said. In this day and age transparency is extremely important and good governance is extremely important," concluded Wolff.

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