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Hamilton and Vettel prefer camping place to sleeping in the hotel

2 July at 10:19
Last update 2 July at 10:24
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Formula 1 teams have to stay in their own hotel in Spielberg this week, but some drivers think otherwise. Sebastian Vettel, Sergio Perez, Lance Stroll and Lewis Hamilton are sleeping on the empty camping pitches.

''There are some drivers who have decided to sleep around the track instead of in the hotels. The personal campers of the teams are on the terrain where normally the fans would camp and there are some drivers who have taken advantage of this'', reports the Italian Motorsport.it.

Sleeping at the campsite

According to the Italian source, drivers used to do this in the past to avoid being stuck in traffic, but now it is mainly done to avoid social contact. By staying out of hotels the drivers are completely on their own, while the other drivers do have to deal with the hotel staff and their own team.

Where at first only Vettel was spotted on the surrounding terrain, not much later it turned out that Perez, Stroll and Hamilton also preferred the campsite to the hotel. Whether there are more drivers who have made this choice is as yet unknown.