Marko hates situation Vettel: ''Political game around Leclerc''

02-07-2020 10:15
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Marko hates situation Vettel: ''Political game around Leclerc''

Sebastian Vettel leaves Ferrari at the end of 2020. It was a decision that for many came out of the blue and certainly the moment when it happened. For Helmut Marko, however, it was no surprise.

''No, not really'', says Marko in conversation with ''It's been playing for a couple of months and somehow Vettel has just lost confidence in Ferrari'', says the top man of Red Bull Racing. Since the arrival of Charles Leclerc, Vettel seemed a lot less at ease and Marko agrees.

Vettel away at Ferrari

''Yes, it's not just Charles Leclerc's talent, it's what's going on around Leclerc. Vettel doesn't like that. He wants to push the accelerator and not have to worry about the political games. I hope Ferrari will give him a chance to show his talent this year'', the Austrian says.

Marko himself is working hard with Red Bull Racing to break the record he set with Vettel in 2010. If Max Verstappen becomes champion in 2020, he will be the youngest world champion ever and the Dutchman will break the record that Vettel still holds for the time being.

Verstappen is going to beat Vettel

"That's exactly what we want to change with Max. It would of course be a huge loss if Vettel disappears from the sport, even though it is rumoured that he will be driving alongside Hamilton in 2021. That will cause an earthquake in the media. But I'm afraid Toto Wolff won't dare that duel within his team, so Vettel will have to wait a year," said Marko, who already has contracts with his drivers.

''We have an agreement with Verstappen and Alexander Albon. Of course in Formula 1 you never know how it goes. At the end of 2020 we probably know more'', concludes Marko who has already indicated that he doesn't want to bring Vettel back to Red Bull, because their own talent would be in the way and they already have a first driver with Verstappen.

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