Helmut Marko knows for sure: "He won't be a champion in 2020"

01-07-2020 17:27
by GPblog.com
Helmut Marko knows for sure: He won't be a champion in 2020

Perhaps the most important news after the corna break is the fact that Sebastian Vettel is going to leave Ferrari after six years of faithful service. The team will continue with protégé Charles Leclerc and new addition Carlos Sainz where Vettel will go is not yet known.

Ferrari lags behind

"Vettel drove for two weeks in Barcelona with the Ferrari and now he's leaving the team. So I think there are reasons for that", says Red Bull Racing advisor Helmut Marko to ServusTV. Ferrari itself already admitted that the team is not doing as well as in previous years.

Marko doesn't think Leclerc can become a champion in 2020 because of this. Marko also knows what Vettel is looking for in the coming seasons: "Sebastian is looking for a winning car for next year."

Main teams are occupied

The two top teams seem to be already taken: "It doesn't seem to work between Vettel and Mercedes and the situation is as follows: we have legal contracts with Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon", says Marko. There has been contact between Red Bull and Vettel. But Marko insists that the team has not given him any hope.

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