Perez and Stroll are looking forward to the start of the season: "I love the mount

29-06-2020 14:09
by Editorial Team
Perez and Stroll are looking forward to the start of the season: I love the mount

For the first time in months we're back in a race week so we can once again note the expectations of all those directly involved. Sergio Perez is looking forward to Austria, especially because of the difficult small circuit. Lance Stroll is very satisfied with the location of the circuit.

Sergio Perez

The Racing Point driver will be confident about the start in Austria. During the winter tests, already an eternity ago, the 'pink Mercedes' drove like a train and the Perez team was even able to apparently challenge Ferrari. At Racing Point they copied exactly the car Mercedes drove last year and became world champion.

Perez is excited in Austria: "It is a challenging track. Very short and every corner is tricky. So it's different from most circuits because every lap has to be tricky". According to the Mexican, the best part of the track is after a few turns: "Turn three is challenging. It's hard to find the right line there and get the apex right, especially when it's busy on the track", Perez concludes through the official channels of his team.

Lance Stroll

For teammate Lance Stroll it feels like coming home to Austria: "Austria is great. It feels like home because of the mountains. I love the mountains. I ski a lot and like to be outside. In Austria you breathe in the fresh mountain air and the view is beautiful. I can't wait."

Good news for Stroll because he will even stay there for a little over two weeks because there will be a double encounter on the Red Bull Ring.

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