'Mercedes and Red Bull Racing are favorites, but don't write off Ferrari yet'

28-06-2020 17:28 | Updated: 28-06-2020 18:57
by GPblog.com
'Mercedes and Red Bull Racing are favorites, but don't write off Ferrari yet'

In a week from now we will know who won the very first Grand Prix of the Formula 1 season. According to Pedro de la Rosa it will be an exciting season between the three top teams.

During the winter test there was little difference between Mercedes and Red Bull Racing. The two teams seemed to give each other no room for errors, but when the hour of truth approached, the Australian Grand Prix was cancelled.

Now the fans only have to wait a week until the season finally starts. Former F1-driver Pedro de la Rosa thinks the fireworks will burst this year. "It will be a strange season, with the late start and the fact that there should be no spectators. I also think it will be a fantastic season for the sport. There are good things waiting", the Spaniard told Marca.

Hard to predict season

"Mercedes will be strong and Red Bull Racing is more ready for the fight than ever. Ferrari had problems, but now they have had time to work on them and I would certainly not write them off already".

According to De la Rosa, the long period between the winter test and the start of the season makes it a difficult year to predict anyway. "Although the factories have been closed for 73 days, the F1 teams have done a lot of work in four months. In Barcelona they were already working on upgrades for the Spanish Grand Prix in May. The cars that appear on the track in Austria will be very different from during the winter test", concludes the Spaniard.

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