Ecclestone slams Chase Carey and Liberty Media in defense

28-06-2020 16:34 | Updated: 28-06-2020 16:57
Ecclestone slams Chase Carey and Liberty Media in defense

Bernie Ecclestone was attacked from all sides this week for his comments on the racism debate that also rages in Formula 1. Especially the official statement of Formula 1 was ruthless. Reason for Ecclestone to strike back.

Ecclestone felt compelled to defend himself after all the criticism and in an interview with the Mail on Sunday he emphasized that he has nothing at all against black people and gives examples of situations in which he just proved to be 'colour blind'. In the 70's he was the first team boss to offer a black driver (Willy T Ribbs) a test drive in a Formula 1 car.

Black Lives Matter movement goes too far for Ecclestone

Although he says he understands that black people sometimes feel disadvantaged, in his view the debate has been taken over by radicals, which, in his view, exaggerates the situation. "These marches are organized by quasi-Marxists who want to bring down the police, which would be a disaster for the country. If you asked most of them exactly what they're protesting about, they probably wouldn't know."

"It's not my fault I'm white, or that I'm a little shorter than the average guy. I was called 'Titch' (bitch) at school. That's when I realized I had to do something about it. Even black people have to take care of themselves."

Bernie cynical about Liberty Media and Chase Carey

With Bernie it was not yet known that he no longer held the role of Emeritus chairman, but that Formula 1 found it necessary to emphasize this after his statements, especially leads to cynicism with the 89-year old Briton.

"I am glad that I am no longer involved in Formula 1, because then I cannot be blamed for the things they [Liberty Media] have done. They suddenly jumped on this racism thing and Chase donated as much as a million dollars to that cause. Enough to get one mechanic to Go Karting. Maybe he should focus on what the shareholders want. Covid was a good development for him. Anything that goes wrong, he can blame it on that."

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