What was managed in Austria, they couldn't be replicated in France

28-06-2020 12:30
by GPblog.com
What was managed in Austria, they couldn't be replicated in France

Although the new Formula 1 season will consist mainly of European Grands Prix, there have also been casualties here. The French Grand Prix soon announced that it will not be on the calendar this season. Circuit director of Paul Ricard, Eric Bouillier, explains to L'Equipe why.

According to the former team boss of McLaren, among others, there were several reasons why the race will not be held this year. The cause was a combination of a fully booked Formula 1 calendar as well as the own racing calendar. According to Bouillier there were simply no interesting weekends left.

The circuit was more or less forced to choose a weekend in July or August and given the many tourists who then travel to the South of France, this was not desirable for the region. According to the Frenchman, the hotels are already crowded.

To decide on a new date now would also be rather complicated in this corona time. Bouillier mentions the Grand Prix of Austria as an example. "The rules are also very complex. Look, for example, at how long it took Austria to achieve everything. Despite the strong will of the government, it still took weeks."

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