Montoya hijacks Alonso's 'Triple Crown' at the last minute

27-06-2020 20:13
by Editorial Team
Montoya hijacks Alonso's 'Triple Crown' at the last minute

In theory, Fernando Alonso could have owned the famous Triple Crown of Motorsport for a month. Because the Indianapolis 500 did not take place on the fixed weekend in May, the Spanish world champion will now have to do it with a virtual version. Unfortunately things went wrong there as well.

Motorsport publication The Race decided a few weeks ago that it would be a nice idea if the Legends Trophy would hold a virtual version of the Triple Crown. Each time two sprint races were held on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the street circuits of Monaco and Le Mans.

On Saturday evening the last two races at Le Mans were finished and it looked good for Alonso before the start of the last race. Due to his championship position he had to start from the back in the first race, but fought his way to the front and eventually won for fellow Triple Crown candidate David Brabham.

Alonso hard into the wall

Immediately at the start of the second race things went wrong for Alonso. He was on the outside of the corner and was pushed off the track at high speed. His car was too badly damaged to return.

The battle for the virtual Triple Crown then went between David Brabham and Juan Pablo Montoya, the only other driver who actually has a serious chance of winning this unofficial title. Despite a spin in the final lap, the Colombian earned enough points to take this title in front of Alonso.

However, his victory is still subject to reservations, as the action that resulted in the spin is still under investigation. If he does get punished, David Brabham will probably become champion.

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