Grosjean: "There is now a very attractive seat available"

24-06-2020 18:28 | Updated: 24-06-2020 20:43
Grosjean: There is now a very attractive seat available

Romain Grosjean hopes to make big strides again with Haas F1 in 2020. Especially in the coming years he expects more from the team when the budget ceiling is set. He is also surprised by the early transfers of a number of drivers.


Asked about his opinion about the transfers of some drivers Grosjean says he is surprised. "The big one was Sebastian. Then there where choices made, I’d probably made different. But it has been fun to watch", says the Frenchman in conversation with ESPN F1.

"Carlos [Sainz] is going to Ferrari, which gave a nice opportunity to Ricciardo to join McLaren. There is one seat at Renault which is attractive for the future", continues Grosjean. The French driver has been under contract with Lotus for many years and in 2016 he changed back to a full Renault factory team.

Cost cap

"But again with the cost cap, we’re hoping that more teams could be great. I think Racing Point is on a really good pass from what we’ve seen in wintertesting. They seem to have done great work with Mercedes. There will be some good teams to look for in the future", concludes Grosjean.

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