Changes to the Le Mans Hypercar approved by WMSC

20-06-2020 17:43 | Updated: 20-06-2020 18:11
Changes to the Le Mans Hypercar approved by WMSC

From 2021 there will be a big change for the 24 hours of Le Mans. From that year on, the Le Mans Hypercar will be allowed to drive around, for which a number of finishing touches have been added.

Whereas Formula 1 has been dominated by Mercedes for some time now, things will get even worse at the Le Mans 24 Hours. There a team with an LMP1 is invariably crowned the winner. The hybrid car is simply a lot better than the competition.

The Le Mans Hypercar should provide more competition. The FIA announced a number of changes in May and these have now been approved by the World Motor Sport Council. "Changes to the technical regulations of the Le Mans Hypercar category, which will become the top class of the FIA World Endurance Championship next season, have been approved by the Council", the FIA has issued a statement.

Cheaper to develop

"The changes focus on three key areas: power, weight and control of aerodynamic performance. The maximum power of Le Mans Hypercars has been brought down from the initially planned 585kW to 500kW. Along with the reduction in power, comes a decrease in minimum weight of the cars, from 1100kg to 1030kg. The changes will make both the development and the running of the cars more cost-effective while maintaining performance objectives," explains the FIA.

According to the federation, an agreement has also been reached on the interaction between the Le Mans Hypercar and the Le Mans Daytona 'h'. A balance in performance should ensure that both cars will perform roughly the same. "LMDh will be based on one of the four chassis that will be available, and will be fitted with common rear hybrid system, a manufacturer-branded engine and a manufacturer-stylised bodywork".

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