Restoration Caterham F1 2014 bolide: Help wanted

19-06-2020 06:00
by Editorial Team
Restoration Caterham F1 2014 bolide: Help wanted

It wasn't a great team, but still they were on the grid for three years. Caterham sent a delegation with the F1 Circus in 2012, 2013 and 2014. They finished tenth, eleventh and eleventh respectively. One of the last crashed cars of the team is currently being restored privately. Help is needed in the form of money, according to the call.

It's a Caterham from 2014 that dropped out during the Hungarian Grand Prix in round seven. It was in the third corner when Ericsson lost his car. The restorer was able to buy the rejected car from the team as a 'crashed body, which is perfect to use as a simulator'.

The restorer has been working on the car for a long time. The most difficult part is preparing the car for an F1 engine to fit. In order to complete the project, 2500 pounds are needed. Every tenth donor seems to get a present that has to do with the car or the team. Check out the ad here.

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