Russell: "They will be driving there in the next few years"

13-06-2020 08:31 | Updated: 13-06-2020 12:00
Russell: They will be driving there in the next few years

From 2021 Ferrari will drive with two very young drivers. At that time Carlos Sainz 26 and Charles Leclerc will only be 23. George Russell expects the two drivers to stay with the team for a very long time.


Russell compares the two drivers with Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello, who also drove together for Ferrari for a very long time. "It all made sense [to me]", says Russell to RTL. "In any industry, you have to start looking towards the future. Now in Ferrari you have Charles who obviously is doing an amazing job and he will continue to do so in the years that will come."

"And now they have Carlos alongside him. That is a team that will probably have the same two drivers for probably five, six, seven years to come", Russell continued. "You look back at Ferrari with Schumacher and Barrichello, the same two drivers for so long."

Russell in 2021

Russell himself is still waiting for a call from Mercedes. The German formation hasn't fixed any drivers for 2021 yet, but Russell does have a chance to join the world champions.

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