'Races in Baku, Singapore and Japan have been cancelled'

10-06-2020 12:24
by GPblog.com
'Races in Baku, Singapore and Japan have been cancelled'

With eight races on the calendar, the remaining Formula 1 season of 2020 is still uncertain. Several races have already been cancelled or were postponed earlier this year. Liberty Media, the Formula 1 and FIA are now looking at options for later in the year and the goal is to finish the calendar by the end of June. However, new cancellations are now popping up, which can be officially confirmed at any time.

In days or hours

Journalist Andrea Cremonesi of the Italian La Gazzetta dello Sport says that the Grands Prix of Baku, Singapore and Japan have been cancelled. Cremonesi: "In days, if not hours, the official cancellation of the race in Baku will be announced. The same goes for Singapore and also Japan, where the Olympic Games have already been postponed to 2021", quotes Formula Passion.

In view of the fact that two of the three circuits mentioned are street circuits, cancellation is understandable. After all, Ross Brawn indicated that tracks that need to be built are a challenge from a logistical perspective. The cancellation of the Grand Prix at Suzuka is also to be expected, since Japan has postponed or cancelled other major sporting events.

According to Cremonesi, Vietnam could also be a victim, but he is a little less sure about that. With that not all Asian races are out of the equation, because China is still a contender. Also Austin (United States) and Mexico are contenders, where Brazil is a "big question mark."

If some of the contenders were to drop out, then double races in Bahrain and Sochi could be added to the calendar.

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