Virtual Grand Prix of Azerbaijan again has two F1 debutants

04-06-2020 11:15
Virtual Grand Prix of Azerbaijan again has two F1 debutants

We still have to wait a little bit less than a month for the start of the Formula 1 season, but until then there will still be the virtual Grands Prix at the weekend. This Sunday the Azerbaijan Grand Prix is on the programme, with a noteworthy line-up.

Whereas in the first race only Lando Norris was active, every race more and more Formula 1 drivers have found themselves willing to participate in the virtual Grand Prix. The main problem of most drivers is the simulation on which the race is done, namely that of the F1 2019 game of Codemasters.

Even more debutants

Where real sim racing usually takes place on iRacing or rFactor 2, Formula 1 lets the races take place on the official Formula 1 game. Because of this, drivers like Max Verstappen skip their turn, but we do see other top athletes back in the game. Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois is a regular customer of the races and this time we also see Gianluigi Donnarumma.

During the Monaco Grand Prix the virtual Grand Prix set a record with eight participating F1 drivers and that number will be equaled on Sunday. Last week's debutants, Esteban Ocon and Valtteri Bottas, are missing again this week, but will be replaced by two new drivers. Sergio Perez and Pierre Gasly will make their debut, which means that now officially half of the F1-participants have participated in the virtual Grands Prix.

The race will be live on Sunday June 7th from 7pm on

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