Singapore GP uncertain due to corona virus measures

03-06-2020 18:24 | Updated: 03-06-2020 19:04
Singapore GP uncertain due to corona virus measures

It's starting to look less and less like there's going to be a Grand Prix on a street circuit next season. After Australia and Monaco have already been cancelled completely, Singapore seems to be the next candidate not to go on. Because a street circuit needs more preparation and because there are a lot of uncertainties because of the corona virus, the F1 prefers to go to real circuits.

This is also what the organiser of the Grand Prix in Singapore sees. First they said that if there is a Grand Prix, it will be held with an audience. Because of the location in the middle of the city it is impossible to organize the race without an audience. Opposite the news site Straits Time the Minister of Development, Lawrence Wong, says that the chance of a race around the streets of Singapore is very small.

This week clarity

This is mainly due to the measures taken by the government there. No more than five people are allowed to gather in Singapore until September. So he expects that because of the restrictions it is "very uncertain" whether there will be an F1 night race this year. "If conditions are favorable, some events can be organized."

According to Straits Time, the organiser of the GP in Singapore will make an announcement this week about the fate of the race at the Marina Bay Street Circuit. However, there is little chance that this announcement will be positive. 

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