Horner: "We shouldn't end up in accounting championships"

03-06-2020 16:30
by GPblog.com
Horner: We shouldn't end up in accounting championships

Last week the teams and Formula 1 agreed on the budget cap that will be introduced in 2021. The plans are now fixed and it is up to the teams to make their own financial arrangements, as long as they stay within the agreed budget cap. A new challenge, in which Christian Horner hopes that the championship will not move from the track to accounting.

Difficult process

The teams will have to look at a lot of details and there is a good chance that things will arise that were not thought of at first. This could cause difficulties within the budget of the teams. Christian Horner of Red Bull Racing at Motorsport.com also states that the whole process was quite difficult, but in the end the goal is good.

"It has been a bit painful in some areas, but I think that this new set of regulations will make Formula 1 better, although there are still details that need to be worked out. It is a complicated set of regulations and it is inevitable that there will be things that have not been thought about in this early set of regulations. They'll need clarification."

Control by the FIA

Horner is sure that controversial issues will arise as soon as the rules actually come into force. Hereby Horner expresses the hope that Formula 1 will not get an extra championship in the form of bookkeeping, nobody is waiting for that. However, it is a conceivable scenario that could arise in order to get the most out of the restriction.

Horner: "Unfortunately I think that [controversial issues] are almost inevitable. I hope that we don't end up in accounting world championships, instead of being decided on the circuits." In that context, FIA control is very important and Horner relies on it.

"We'll have to rely on the governing body. There are a number of rules that you have signed up to and you will have to adhere to them. But it's complicated and there are different structures. There are teams within organizations and car manufacturers. We're going to have to rely very much on the FIA to make sure it's fairly controlled," Red Bull Racing's team boss said.

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