'Mercedes votes against the reverse grid plan'

02-06-2020 14:21
by Editorial Team
'Mercedes votes against the reverse grid plan'

There were plans to experiment with new racing formats during the second weekend in Austria, such as an inverted grid setup, but Mercedes stopped this, reports Motorsport. There was an idea on the table where qualifying races would be held of 30 minutes with a reverse grid setup.

On Monday, Red Bull team boss Christian Horner turned out to be in favour of a different starting position in the second race, the so-called 'reverse grid'. The driver who becomes last in the first race will start at the front in the second, and so on. Now it turns out that Mercedes is the only one who did not agree with this idea, while Racing Point abstained.

Video call

Last Friday there was a video call me delegates from all teams and the plan was discussed. Although the majority of all teams were in favour of the idea, Mercedes was able to put a stop to it. For such a change, the teams must be unanimous.

This in opposition to some of the changes made recently during the corona crisis. This change of regulations, such as lowering the budget cap only requires a large majority. Sixty percent had to agree to implement a change. For the time being, the idea is for a different starting position.

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