FIA bans Mercedes' DAS system from 2021

31-05-2020 17:20
FIA bans Mercedes' DAS system from 2021

The DAS system has stirred up a lot within Formula 1, but it will not get long life in the sport. With the announcement of the new regulations for 2021, it has become clear that the Mercedes system will be officially banned from next season onward.

The DAS system, abbreviated from Dual-Axis Steering, was received with a mix of admiration and protests during the last winter test in Barcelona. By moving the steering wheel via the vertical axis, Mercedes drivers will be able to have the wheels of their car turned inwards. Potentially that could save the tires, but the real usefulness of the system has yet to prove itself in practice.

To what extent DAS is effective or not, for many teams it will not be worth putting resources into copying the system. Indeed, as of 2021, Dual-Axis Steering will be prohibited by the new regulations published this weekend by the FIA.

DAS system in the bin

Under the heading 'Steering' you can read that a steering system may not move more than two wheels. In addition, the steering wheel may only perform a monotonous function over one axis. The ingenious way in which Mercedes currently operates cannot be used for any other functions either.

This provides a clear answer to the question of whether the system would be allowed in other seasons. With the announcement of DAS, there was already the rumor that it would no longer be allowed next year and according to some parties, such as Helmut Marko of Red Bull Racing, the system would already be illegal this season. It remains to be seen if we will see the system in action at all, because Mercedes was not sure in March when and if DAS will be used in 2020.

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