Ricciardo: ''I can't deny that Ferrari was also an option for me''

30-05-2020 09:28 | Updated: 30-05-2020 11:48
by GPblog.com
Ricciardo: ''I can't deny that Ferrari was also an option for me''

From 2021 Carlos Sainz is the new driver of Ferrari. Together with Daniel Ricciardo, the Spaniard was the big favourite for the vacant spot of Sebastian Vettel and Sainz finally became the second driver next to Charles Leclerc.

It should be no secret that Ricciardo aspires to Ferrari. The Australian already wanted to go to Mercedes or Ferrari when he left Red Bull Racing, so a possible move to a race winning car was appealing. However, Ferrari's had a preference for Sainz, so Ricciardo had to settle for a seat at McLaren.

Ricciardo about missed opportunity

''We have been in contact until the moment that Sainz was announced, so I can't deny that Ferrari was an option. However, the result is different. I don't know why and I have not really been bothered to find out why that is the case", says Ricciardo in a video from CNN.

However, Ricciardo doesn't seem to feel to bad about the missed opportunity. ''Carlos fits very well with Ferrari and that's why I don't have the feeling 'why I don't? Carlos had a great season and so it makes sense that he is a good candidate for Ferrari'', concludes Ricciardo in style. The current Renault driver doesn't hide the fact that he would have liked to have driven for Ferrari.

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