Horner on first race: "They won't be able to interact with each other"

29-05-2020 19:19
by Editorial Team
Horner on first race: They won't be able to interact with each other

We had to wait a long time for it, but today NOS confirmed that in 2020 we will kick off the season at the Red Bull Ring in Austria. Red Bull Racing team boss Christian Horner seems to be very happy with that.

The right way

"There has been a great reaction from Red Bull in Austria and they consider the possibility of hosting the first race as a positive and a way to get F1 going again in the right manner", Horner said in his column on redbull.com.

Despite the fact that it will probably be a television event and therefore no fans will be present, Horner expects to have a lot of work to realize the Grands Prix. "We will be looking at around 80 people per team, charter flights and trackside teams won't be able to interact and mingle with each other", says the team boss of Max Verstappen.

Social distancing will be very important

Horner also says that the different teams will stay in different hotels. Social distancing will also be very important during the events and will be tested a lot. "It is going to be a different type of operation to what we are used to but the sporting directors have been taking their time to go through everything to make sure all the right procedures are in place", Horner ends.

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