Ricciardo reveals and seems slightly disappointed: "There was contact with Ferrari

28-05-2020 17:03
by Editorial Team
Ricciardo reveals and seems slightly disappointed: There was contact with Ferrari

Daniel Ricciardo will drive for McLaren next year and not for Ferrari. At the time that Sebastian Vettel announced that he would leave Ferrari, many people thought that Ricciaro was the main candidate for the seat at Ferrari. That's what he secretly thought himself, now it turns out.

Ferrari has been in contact with the Australian while they were also in conversation with Carlos Sainz: "There has been contact between us for years and that has continued so far. So I will not deny that it was there but it has clearly not led to a collaboration".

Yet in Maranello they chose Sainz. Ricciardo was a good match for the Italians because his parents are of Italian descent. The current Renault rider doesn't know why the choice fell to the Spaniard: "I don't know and I don't want to think too much about it. Everybody says we would fit together well because of my name and background but okay, I don't try to give my emotions the upper hand in situations like this", the driver says slightly disappointed against CNN.

Ferrari chooses Sainz

The reality is that next year Carlos Sainz will wear a red one everywhere and Ricciardo will get into a Mclaren. The Australian understands the choice for Sainz and he has a theory about it. "I do understand why they went for Carlos and don't see it as "why am I not there? They went for Carlos because he had a strong year in 2019 and therefore he is a bit of a 'hot property', and that he fits well with the phase they are in", concludes the former Red Bull driver.

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