'Vietnam Grand Prix aims to race without an audience in November'

'Vietnam Grand Prix aims to race without an audience in November'

28-05-2020 11:51

The Vietnam Grand Prix would debut in Formula 1 in April, but was of course postponed due to the coronavirus. In Hanoi they are now looking at a new date and it is said that November is the target.

Vietnam is not included in most new plans distributed by different sources. Nevertheless, in the region of China, Japan and Vietnam it is easier to organize three races without having to travel a lot. Japan has already indicated earlier that they even want to race with an audience, but that is not the case in Vietnam.

Vietnam in November on the calendar

According to Viêt Nam News the organization and the FIA want to organize the Grand Prix of Vietnam in November, but without an audience. The Austrian race is for the time being the only race that really seems to be fixed and people are eagerly looking forward to the schedule that according to sources will be presented on Monday.

However, if the race is held behind closed doors, there is a big minus for Hanoi. A race behind closed doors will result in a loss of 35 million dollars. The renovation and the fact that the race will be held in the city centre is therefore a reason not to go to Hanoi for the Formula 1. Fixed circuits are cheaper in that respect, now that F1 has to make do mainly without income of the fans.

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