'Daimler wants to sign Vettel up with Mercedes for 2021'

20-05-2020 18:30
by GPblog.com
'Daimler wants to sign Vettel up with Mercedes for 2021'

It seems that Mercedes is moving more and more at a junction. After Sebastian Vettel announced not to drive for Ferrari after 2020, his name was often mentioned as a replacement for Valtteri Bottas with the German team. However, team boss Toto Wolff has previously indicated that for now he still has confidence in the current line-up with Lewis Hamilton and Bottas. FIA accredited journalist Giuliano Duchessa thinks that the company Mercedes, however, sees a different lineup.

On Twitter Duchessa announces that the leadership of Mercedes in Daimler is very pleased to see Vettel driving alongside Hamilton for Mercedes in 2021. PR-technically this would of course be a huge stunt, to have ten world championships in one team. This would clash with the opinion of Wolff, who prefers to see Bottas as the perfect second driver next to Lewis Hamilton. 

Does the impossible become possible

For many F1 connoisseurs it seemed an illusion to have two drivers who both want to be treated as the first driver. The Daimler driver in Mercedes might think differently about that. They have already had a German world champion at Mercedes in the form of Michael Schumacher, with Nico Rosberg next to him.

If Vettel permanently stops in Formula 1, it would also be a huge blow for German motorsport. After the glorious years with Schumacher, Vettel would not be able to find a single German driver on the F1 grid in 2021. Maybe that's why they would like to join Mercedes on Vettel in Daimler.V

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