Grand Prix of Japan wants to 'just' race with an audience in October

19-05-2020 11:18
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Grand Prix of Japan wants to 'just' race with an audience in October

Formula 1 wants to kick off the season on 5 July with the Austrian Grand Prix to get the start of the season underway in Europe first. After that it is Asia's turn and there they are extremely positive.

F1 wants to shape the new Formula 1 season in July and August with races in Europe, all held without an audience. For the time being this is also the idea for the races after that, but that is not the case for every organisation. Japan, for example, is looking forward to a race with an audience in the stands.

Japan wants fans

After races in Russia and Azerbaijan, China, Vietnam and Japan are reported to be on the calendar and Japan is likely to stay on the previously scheduled day October 11. This is what Japan is now focusing on, and a spokesperson for Motorsportweek in Japan says that they have high expectations that the race will take place on October 11th.

In addition, the spokesman also states that the preparations for the race are now even taking the public into account. The question is whether this is feasible. In Japan, 16,305 people became infected with the virus and 749 died. The circuit may want to organize it, but like many countries, the question is what the government wants.

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