Ricciardo is going to earn even more at McLaren than at Renault

14-05-2020 10:31
by GPblog.com
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Ricciardo is going to earn even more at McLaren than at Renault

Daniel Ricciardo is the proud owner of a new contract at McLaren. The two parties were already close to working together before 2019, but at that time the Australian Renault still preferred the team from Woking.

However, the departure of Sebastian Vettel has created a domino effect in Formula 1. The departure of the German creates a free spot at the top and that causes shifts. Ricciardo himself may have hoped for a spot with the Italian team, but there the door now seems to be wide open for Carlos Sainz.

The tranfers

However, McLaren takes an advance on Ferrari's message and presents Ricciardo as the new teammate of Lando Norris from 2021. With this Ricciardo leaves his leading position at Renault and chooses for the competitor in the middle spot. According to The Daily Mail, Ricciardo signs a contract for 31 million dollars, with which he will earn even more than at Renault. Ricciardo signs for two seasons.

The remaining spot at Renault seems to fall into the lap of Fernando Alonso. Earlier rumors already made it clear that the Spaniard is eligible for the seat with his old team, but with Ricciardo's move now really around, it will be a matter of time before Alonso is announced.

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