How Alonso rushed Dennis' head: ''He knew that, of course''.

27-04-2020 14:13 | Updated: 27-04-2020 14:19
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How Alonso rushed Dennis' head: ''He knew that, of course''.

Fernando Alonso and Ron Dennis could drink each other's blood during their collaboration in 2007. The Spaniard had the idea that Lewis Hamilton was being pulled over and Dennis wasn't satisfied with Alonso's behaviour, which actually got worse and worse.

Fernando versus Ron

This is what Matt Bishop reveals in the podcast 'In The Pink'. The former head of communication within McLaren, reveals a literally and figuratively juicy story about the battle between Alonso and Dennis. Alonso had just caused a riot by waiting just as long during qualifying in Hungary, so Hamilton couldn't drive a lap. A nasty area, where Dennis and Alonso joined the press conference.

A clearly agitated Dennis shot out of his slipper after the incident by pulling Alonso's physio by his hair in a full sprint, but hadn't been caught up yet at the press conference. Alonso, who will deny to this day that the incident was deliberate, made the situation at the press conference even worse.

Alonso and the peach

"We all knew Ron had a certain amount of OCD. Everything had to be clean and tidy and he hated it when it wasn't. For example, he always had to eat juicy pieces of fruit on a plate with a knife and fork so it wouldn't leak,'' says Bishop. Alonso said he should have known for sure.

"Then Fernando walks into that press conference with the biggest and most ripe peach I've ever seen. At that press conference he starts eating it and leaves the juice and bits of it in his beard. I don't think anybody knew what Alonso was doing at the time, but I was sure he was deliberately drawing the blood under Dennis' fingernails."

It's one of the aspects that's less about Alonso, according to Bishop. "Fernando is a great driver, but it is also a politician who knows exactly what he has to do to scare people," said Bishop, who concludes with the fact that Dennis will have no problems with the coronavirus. Washing your hands every twenty minutes is normal for him.

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