Giovinazzi: "I have to see Kimi as a teammate as an advantage"

18-04-2020 17:55
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Giovinazzi: I have to see Kimi as a teammate as an advantage

Between the rise of the talents Antonio Giovinazzi is sometimes forgotten a bit, but the Italian has worked himself up well in his first season. According to the driver it wasn't easy to compete with Kimi Raikkonen.

Many Formula 1 drivers are currently engaged in sim racing, so they can't take a seat in a racing seat after all. So did Giovinazzi, who participated in the virtual Grand Prix organised by Formula 1. According to the Italian, it is hard work, but it will be a lot harder for the drivers when they are back in a real F1 car.

"I think it is going to be very difficult. When we come back to Barcelona after the winter break, your neck will be completely wrecked after the first day. Now we won't be in a car for two or maybe three months. It will therefore be very difficult when we come back," explained Giovinazzi to Sky Sports.

Kimi as advantage and disadvantage

The young driver also had a difficult start last year, when he immediately had Kimi Raikkonen as teammate in his first season. "It's not easy to start your career in F1 alongside a world champion. If the car was good enough for P8, Kimi would be seventh or eighth in the race. After a couple of races I started to focus on improving my driving style and I looked at Kimi a lot".

It helped the Italian a lot, who managed to gain a lot more points in the second half of the season. "I must now continue on this footing. I have to see it as an advantage to have Kimi as a team mate," concluded the Alfa Romeo driver.

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