Vasseur is worried about F1: "This is going to be very expensive"

12-04-2020 14:19
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Vasseur is worried about F1: This is going to be very expensive

While the world is still in the hands of the coronavirus, the organization of F1 is looking for a solution together with the teams. Fred Vasseur however worries about the cost of an overcrowded calendar.

Whether and when the Formula 1 season can start in 2020 remains to be seen. As it looks now, Liberty Media will try to organize as many races as possible in a fairly short period of time. It even means that there might be multiple triple headers and maybe even four races in a row.

It will be a nice solution for the fans, but not all teams are looking forward to it. "If you want to organize more races in a row, it will be a lot more expensive", explains team boss Fred Vasseur to

Not enough manpower

"It's more expensive to do eighteen races in six months, than eighteen races in twelve months, because you have to bring more parts and work with more staff. This can get very expensive. Besides, we can't deal with such a situation and develop a new car. We just don't have the manpower for that", Alfa Romeo Racing's top man explains.

The Frenchman may have a solution to the problem: race weekends of two days, instead of the usual three days. "I'm in favour of all decisions that allow us to race as many races as possible. It's a challenge for all teams, but probably more for the smaller teams, because we don't have that much manpower. We have to find a solution to reduce their workload", concludes the team boss.

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