Gasly about Verstappen: "Red Bull is made to measure for Max"

09-04-2020 18:18
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Gasly about Verstappen: Red Bull is made to measure for Max

Pierre Gasly became Daniel Ricciardo's replacement at Red Bull Racing, but it didn't turn out as hoped. The Frenchman was replaced in the summer of 2019 by Alexander Albon, who made an excellent impression. Gasly says he could have shown more in 2020 and says that the Red Bull team was written for Max Verstappen.

"It could have gone better," says Gasly in conversation with the Italian Autosprint about when he would have been allowed back in Red Bull's car. Helmut Marko would decide after the second half of the 2019 season which of the two would ride for the Austrian formation in 2020. However, it was announced at an early stage that Albon would also be the team mate of Verstappen this season.

Gasly thinks Red Bull would have done better in 2020 than last year. "I would have learned a lot if I had gone back to Red Bull. Anyway, I'm with AlphaTauri now and I want to achieve results with this team. I want to stay in Formula 1 at all costs".

Gasly about Verstappen at Red Bull

The cooperation with Verstappen will also be discussed. Gasly is of the opinion that the 22-year old Limburger fits perfectly with the Milton Keynes based race stable. "Every driver would like to have a tailor-made team and Red Bull is that for him (Verstappen, ed.). Although it has to be said that Formula 1 is a team sport, so you can only win if the whole team works well," says Gasly, who concludes: "Everyone needs help, because performance depends not only on yourself, but also on what the team does and can do".

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