Red Bull and Ferrari work against budget cap reduction: "Are afraid of the fight''

06-04-2020 07:47
by Editorial Team
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Red Bull and Ferrari work against budget cap reduction: Are afraid of the fight''

Formula 1 is currently at an important point. Will it lose teams to the coronavirus or will it emerge stronger as a whole from the crisis for a brighter future. Zak Brown has his doubts.

Brown hopes for lower budget cap

On Monday the Formula 1 teams meet to discuss a new budget cap. While the original budget cap of $175 million was already unique, it was still far from feasible for many teams. Now that everyone is struggling with the consequences of the coronavirus, most teams want a lower budget cap.

According to Zak Brown, everyone has already agreed to lower the budget cap to $150 million, but most teams want more. ''Everyone is at 150 million, but a strong majority of the group would like to go below 150 million," says Brown without naming names to the BBC.

Ferrari and Red Bull Racing are not cooperating

Reportedly, Ferrari and Red Bull Racing would thwart the deal and not want an even lower budget cap where Mercedes would like to lower it. If we don't opt for a more aggressive budget cap this year, teams will really ask themselves what they are looking for in Formula 1. They just don't stand a chance.

Brown is therefore not happy with the top teams that refuse a lower budget cap. ''Some teams only think about their own sporting success and don't take into account that they are endangering the sport. Maybe they're very afraid to engage in that fair fight, because they've never done that before'', concludes Brown with a message to the top.

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