Di Montezemolo: "They're not driving for themselves, they're driving for Ferrari!"

05-04-2020 15:02
by GPblog.com
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Di Montezemolo: They're not driving for themselves, they're driving for Ferrari!

Last season Ferrari struggled to keep its two drivers under control. According to Luca di Montezemolo, Ferrari must make it clear to Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc what they are racing for.

Until 2019 Vettel was relatively quiet at Ferrari, but since the arrival of Leclerc there is a lot inter-team fighting again. Many even think that the German will retire within the next few years to avoid the battle with the Monegask.

Luca di Montezemolo just doesn't see that happening so fast. "Sebastian feels the pressure very much, he has to be supported by the team, but he is still very strong. He has certainly made some mistakes, but those mistakes are also due to the need to take risks", explains the former manager of Ferrari in conversation with Sky Sports 24.

Life next to Vettel

In the meantime team mate Leclerc is also doing well with the team, according to the Italian. "Charles is very strong, but I hope he doesn't get too carried away. At Alfa Romeo we have seen that he is very fast and doesn't make too many mistakes. Now we just have to ask ourselves if he can live next to Vettel".

"This will be a sensitive issue for Mattia Binotto. We have to talk to the drivers and make it clear to them that they are not driving for themselves, but for Ferrari". Regardless of whether the team from Maranello takes the title, Di Montezemolo hopes for one thing if the season starts in 2020: "I hope that the championship is not already decided four races before the end".

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