Vasseur: "It's important that you have a decent car from the beginning"

05-04-2020 11:39
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Vasseur: It's important that you have a decent car from the beginning

Because the factories of all Formula 1 teams are at a standstill, there is no development for each team. The FIA has already indicated that a lot of the 2020 car is heading towards 2021 and Frederic Vasseur, team boss of Alfa Romeo Racing, also expects few new parts to be developed next season.

"When we have fifteen to eighteen races in a row, we will also need a huge stock of parts to start the season. So we'll be particularly busy producing, as we'll be much less at the factory", Vasseur tells

Don't fall behind

Because fewer things can be developed on the 2020 car, it is important, according to Vasseur, that you already have a decent car. "It is indeed important that you have a decent car right from the start, if you get fifteen races in a short time". As a team, Alfa Romeo does not want to lag behind, as Williams did in 2019.

"It will be quite difficult to come back from a bad start of the season, at least much more difficult than when you have ten months to come back. But that's how the situation is and we don't have much to complain about", with which Vasseur points to the greater problems of the coronavirus in the world.

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