F1 physio: "Compared to sluggish countries, Austria has done very well"

04-04-2020 19:42
by GPblog.com
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F1 physio: Compared to sluggish countries, Austria has done very well

Over the past few weeks, statements by Helmut Marko in particular have reached the Formula 1 world from Austria. The advisor of Red Bull Racing made striking statements, trivialising the COVID-19 coronavirus according to many. Another Austrian F1 veteran is slightly different, although they agree on one thing.

Josef Leberer has been active as a physiotherapist in Formula 1 for more than 30 years, during which time he built up a close relationship with Ayrton Senna, among others. He tells Speedweek.com what he thinks of the current corona crisis and how the Austrian government has acted so far.

"I think Austria has reacted very well to this crisis. We were one of the first countries to take very strict measures to prevent the spread of the virus. We had seen in China and Italy what was happening there or what was brewing. In hindsight, there is always more to do. But I think Austria, compared to the slowness in other countries, did very well."

Phasing out current measures

If it is up to Helmut Marko, the Austrian Grand Prix will continue this summer. A lot of measures that have now been taken will have to be reversed. Leberer, who now works for Alfa Romeo, says that this will take time, but according to him we also need to think about relaxing these measures in good time.

"When the contagion curve flattens out, we need to think about how to limit the damage to the economy. Because it has to be clear - it's hard to lock people up until a vaccine is found. Inevitably, more people will become infected, but in a controlled way."

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