Ricciardo about the cancelled GP at Zandvoort: "Hopefully back on calendar"

04-04-2020 08:18 | Updated: 04-04-2020 08:21
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Ricciardo about the cancelled GP at Zandvoort: Hopefully back on calendar

Daniel Ricciardo is training hard to be as prepared as possible when the Formula 1 season of 2020 starts. The 30-year old driver is rallying to stay sharp and regrets the cancellation of the Dutch Grand Prix at the beginning of May due to the coronavirus.

"How are the Dutch fans? I hope everyone is healthy", Ricciardo starts his video for Ziggo Sport. "Well quarantined, here in Australia it's a bit sunnier than in Europe. I'm just trying to keep fit. That is our main goal at the moment. I see here with Michael, my trainer. We can train outside, it's warm. We stay prepared to race."

Ricciardo isn't simracing

Where his old teammate Max Verstappen spends a lot of time in virtual racing on the simulator, that's not something Ricciardo deals with. "I haven't really immersed myself in virtual racing yet, but we do have some buggies here that allow you to drive through the terrain. I do rally driving to stay sharp. That's how I keep my focus and stay alert. I have plenty of room here," says the driver from Perth.

Finally, the Australian has some nice words for the Dutch fans and the renewed circuit of Zandvoort. "It really sucks that Zandvoort has been postponed. Hopefully that will come later on the calendar. I was really looking forward to that Grand Prix", the Renault driver reveals. "Of course because of the audience, but also because of the turns and the other adjustments to the track. It looked really cool, we're going to see it. I'm waiting until I can race again. I hope the virus disappears and people recover quickly, so that the world can pick up the thread again."

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