Norris about negative reactions: "Sometimes you see things that play on your mind"

03-04-2020 19:27
by Editorial Team
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Norris about negative reactions: Sometimes you see things that play on your mind

Lando Norris has only been driving Formula 1 for over a year, but with his open attitude he has already left his mark on the sport. Where other drivers shield themselves, Norris literally gives his fans a glimpse into his private life with his streams. The question is whether he also suffers negative consequences or is harassed.

"It depends", he says in an interview with F1 Racing. "I would say 90% of the time it doesn’t affect me at all and I find it just quite a good laugh to see what people can come up with. But there’s times when you see things that kind of play on your mind a bit"

Norris has also gained fame as an F1 driver outside the online world. He is beginning to notice this in daily life, but so far he has been able to handle it well. Although he realizes that this may be different in the future.

Norris does not plan in hiding soon

You get the odd face every now and then that’s staring at you at dinner. You’re just try to eat and you notice somebody watching you – it’s a bit weird. But I don’t mind it. Of course, I get noticed a little bit more, [but] I’m not Lewis Hamilton and I don’t get stopped wherever I go. I’m at the point where I still think it’s quite cool; I don’t think I’m at the point yet where I need to hide from people.

For the time being, Norris deals with his surroundings in a very normal way. This is also apparent from the fact that, unlike Alexander Albon, for example, he did not move to Monaco, but rather close to the McLaren factory. Norris indicates that he still doesn't earn enough to give up part of his social life for that financial benefit. "If I move to Monaco I won’t enjoy things at all, I don’t think".

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