Norris thinks of his fans: "You've got to provide entertainment now''

31-03-2020 13:00
by Editorial Team
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Norris thinks of his fans: You've got to provide entertainment now''

Lando Norris has been in Formula 1 for a season and you would say you are used to it, but nothing could be further from the truth. The Brit turns out to be quite nervous before simraces.

"Somehow during simraces I get really nervous. That's just a lot worse than during the real Formula 1 qualification. I have no idea why. Maybe it's because I'm missing some adrenaline from really being in a race car. That's where you forget your nerves, of course," Norris says to

Norris does it for the fans

It sometimes gets even more intense when qualifying is really exciting. ''Sometimes I just start shaking all over, and I just ruin a round. I think it's only because I've got time to think about it now'', the Brit thinks. But he also gets satisfaction from racing online.

''I set the stream to 'sub-only mode' to avoid chaos, but it's fun to provide entertainment in this period. That's why I let everyone watch my races, so they can still have fun if they have to sit at home for a long time'', concludes the driver of McLaren sympathetically.

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