Vettel: "That's definitely something I can do in the future"

29-03-2020 07:27 | Updated: 29-03-2020 11:14
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Vettel: That's definitely something I can do in the future

Sebastian Vettel is currently in the last year of his contract at Ferrari and will undoubtedly be busy negotiating an extension. If that plan does not go ahead, the German may already know what he is going to do next.

A couple of years Sebastian Vettel had it relatively easy at Ferrari with teammate Kimi Raikkonen. Of course there was a lot of competition from the other top teams, but the German had not much to fear from his teammate. That's different now with the hungry Charles Leclerc at his side.

Many also think that it won't be long before Vettel will retire. The Ferrari driver also knows almost for sure what he will do after he retires from the sport. "Before I started professional racing and when I finished high school, I was planning to go to university to study Mechanical Engineering there. That's definitely something I think about", Vettel says in a Q&A on Ferrari's Twitter channel.

Knowing and understanding

"I've developed many other interests in the meantime, but it's always been something that fascinates me. To know and understand how things work. I want to understand how things work in our car, how the development of the car works and how those processes come together. So that can be something for the future," the driver explains about his passion. It's exactly the reason why Vettel often inspects the cars of other teams after a race.

Whether 2020 will be the last season Sebastian Vettel races in Formula 1 remains to be seen. According to sources in Italy, the German has been offered a new contract by Ferrari, but with a lower salary. It is clear that he no longer has all the power in Maranello.


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