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Formula 1 team bosses have corona meeting scheduled for mid-April
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Formula 1 team bosses have corona meeting scheduled for mid-April

28-03-2020 15:15 Last update: 18:11


Franz Tost has revealed that the team bosses of all Formula 1 'come together' again in mid-April to discuss the situation at that time. The team boss of AlphaTauri further states that the FIA must ensure that competition distortions are prevented, because it is quite possible that in some countries the F1 factories may open again sooner than in others.

"During our last video conference between the team bosses, the FIA and Liberty Media, we agreed to meet again in mid-April - depending on the situation - to discuss the new situation", Tost says at Motorsport-Magazin.com. At the German media outlet, the chief of Pierre Gasly and Daniil Kvyat announces that we will discuss whether or not to continue working in the factories of the Formula 1 teams.

Tost has confidence in F1

Many teams are based in Great Britain, but race stables such as Ferrari and AlphaTauri depend on the measures taken by the Italian government. Tost is of the opinion that Formula 1 should draw the same line when it comes to the further development of the cars. "It can't be that some teams are allowed to work and some not", says the Austrian. "They will certainly make sure that this will be distributed equally and that all teams have the same 'elimination time' in order not to create an imbalance".

If the factories of the teams remain closed for a longer period of time, this would save costs for the Formula 1 formations. Financially they are already struggling to get through this raceless period, but at the same time they want to continue investing in the 2020 car in order not to lag behind in the championship. A tricky dillema. In the meantime, the FIA would consider keeping the factories closed for a longer period of time.

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